My name is Adele, and I'd like to invite you to come with me into the Deep Woods where Sammy the skunk becomes a hero to the animals that live there. When Sammy finds out Mrs. Porcupine has quil-la-ti-tus-i-tus, Mr. Beaver loses his teeth, little rabbit breaks his leg, the animals get caught in a mudslide, and there is a fire in the deep woods, what will Sammy do? These are only five of the twelve occasions where Sammy is called upon by his friends to help them.

At the end of each story, there are Life Lessons which includes a question for children to think about, a scripture verse, a truth about God, and a short message about the love God has for His children.

I hope these stories will stir your child's imagination, be fun to read, and teach Christian character values.

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What Others are Saying

"Thank you - thank you- for your wonderful gift of Sammy. I just love the stories, especially the saving of Mrs. Porcupine quills from the dreaded quillatituitus. What a "GREAT" story teller you are, my dear friend. You need to get these stories out. Every church should have these stories for the lessons taught with each chapter. Religious schools should have copies!"